Black triggerfish or Black durgon [Melichthys niger]

The black triggerfish, Melichthys niger, called Humuhumu’ele’ele in Hawaiian, is a blimp-shaped triggerfish with bright white lines running along its dorsal and anal fins. When in the water, it appears to be completely black. However, if it is taken out and exposed to bright light, one can see that it is actually of a dark-blue/green coloration.

Circumtropical. Hawaii, up through Polynesia, westward to the East Indies and across the Indian Ocean. The Black triggerfish is also located around the southern coast of Africa. (text source: wikipedia)

Picture: Cozumel, Mexico by Sami Salmenkivi


One thought on “Black triggerfish or Black durgon [Melichthys niger]

  1. This fish has a hardened “trigger” on the top of its head which it uses to wedge itself into crevices in the presence of predators. When not in use this trigger is folded flat on the top of the head, but comes out at a 90 degree angle when erect.

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