Blue green chromis [chromis viridis]

The Green Chromis or the Blue Green Chromis or the Bluegreen Puller, Chromis viridis, is a species of damselfish. Individuals tend to be iridescent apple-green and light blue, and reach a length of about 3 in (8 cm).

The species is found in the Indo-Pacific. They live in large aggregations above Acropora corals in sheltered areas such as lagoons and reef flats and feed on phytoplankton. Juveniles live closely tied to individual coral heads. C. viridis spawn over sand and rubble. The male prepares the nest which is shared with several females. The large number of eggs will hatch in 2-3 days. The male guards the nest, ventilating it with its fins and feeding on those eggs that do not hatch.  (text source: Wikipedia)

Picture: Naama Bay, Red Sea, Egypt by Sami Salmenkivi


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