About The Fish Directory

The site was started from the need to identify the creatures in underwater vacation pictures. Finding fish online is actually very difficult, as you might have noticed, unless you know their specific names such as Freckled Hawkfish or Orangespined Unicornfish.

The purpose of this directory is to help find fishes based on shape, color or identifications such as masks or stripes, as well as their families and regions. The Fish Directory is an open, free, and Creative Commons licensed!

The list of fishes is in no means complete yet, and includes coral reef fish only. However, I hope it’s still helpful and you may find the fish you were looking for. You can also download and use the pictures, but please link back to this site.

Also, feel free to comment if you didn’t find what you were looking for, or if you found the site useful.

See you underwater!


Sami Salmenkivi

Mail: sami.salmenkivi at gmail.com for any questions or corrections.


10 thoughts on “About The Fish Directory

  1. Hi,

    This is a very nice website you created!
    We just went online with our new service for scuba divers:


    We would like to take some of your really great pictures to fill our underwater life database.
    If you like our site, maybe we even can work together in terms of linking our sites.

    Keep on with your work!
    Nice regards,
    Ingo Feisthamel

  2. Hello,

    I wanted to express how mush I enjoyed this website. The images are so beautiful and some are really breathtaking.

    I stumbled on your site while trying to identify a fish we saw while snorkeling in Akumal Bay. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s rather large with uniform light silver color. Very small scales and a pointy back fin… I have some pictures of it and if you think you could help and would like to take a look please email me and I will send them to you. Maybe you can finally resolve this mystery :).

    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  3. Thanks for building this site. I was reviewing pictures from a field study I did this sumer and couldn’t remember what I took pictures of. (Sad, I know.) Luckily, your site came up in my search and my Black Triggerfish is no longer anonymous.

  4. Wonderful Web site! I will have it bookmarked from here on out because it IS hard to find fish online! If you need help taking pictures and identifying the fish, let me know! Guam gives me many opportunities to be in the water with my camera!

  5. Thanks for building the site – it helped me identify some of the fish I’d photographed in the Red Sea that I could not easily find anywhere else on the internet.

  6. What a fantastic job you have done. Thank you, it is helping me identify many of the fish in the pics I have taken while snorkeling in the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands.
    There are still some fish that I cannot identify. I’ll be checking back here frequently.
    Thanks again!!!

  7. Well done Sami! Great website. Since the very days it’s always been a problem to identify fish from books.. most of which were of dead fish , so colours faded all too quickly. So very useful to see a fish directory with ‘live’ pictures showing the colours of the fish as you see them, in light box conditions! A great achievement and very useful. Will use it!

  8. Wonderful sight! It helped me label my photos with real names and not just “another pretty fish!” ha 🙂
    Great job!

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