Orbiculate cardinalfish [Sphaeramia orbicularis]

cardinal fish

The Orbiculate cardinalfish, Sphaeramia orbicularis is a species of cardinalfish. It grows to about 10 centimeters total length, and has a thin, dark vertical ‘waistband’ with scattered dark spots toward the tail. It is found in coastal areas throughout much of the Indo-Pacific, including East Africa, Kiribati, the Ryukyu Islands, New Caledonia, Belau, and the eastern Caroline and Mariana Islands. The male incubates the eggs until they hatch. It eats mostly planktonic crustaceans, mainly at night. While it is not a common marine aquarium fish, it can be a good for beginners.

 Pictures: Papua, Indonesia by Sami Salmenkivi


Yellow-Striped Cardinalfish [Ostorhinchus cyanosoma]

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Yellow-Striped Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus cyanosoma is a Cardinalfish from the Indo-West Pacific. It grows to a size of 8cm in length.

 Pictures: Papua, Indonesia by Sami Salmenkivi

Boomerang Triggerfish [Sufflamen bursa]

00 Cook 0 picasso fish female?

Sufflamen bursa, also known as the Bursa, Scythe or Boomerang Triggerfish, is a Triggerfish from the Indo-Pacific. It occasionally makes its way into the aquarium trade. It grows to a size of 25 cm in length. “Scythe” markings on the tail of the triggerfish contain pigments which may change hue from light yellow to dark brown depending on mood of the fish.

 Pictures: Cook Islands by Sami Salmenkivi

Clown sand wrasse [Coris aygula]

Clown sand wrasse or Clown coris or just Clown wrasse can grow to 120 cm in length. There is a marked difference in appearance between juveniles and adults; juveniles are white and orange with false eyes on the dorsal fin, while adults are uniformly dark green or with light banding and developing a prominent forehead.


Associated with coral reefs, usually on the seaward side from 2m to 30m depth. They are generally solitary as adults. Distribution Western Pacific Ocean including Red Sea, and Indian Ocean, as far north as Southern Japan.

Picture: Tiran and Ras Mohammed, Red Sea, Egypt by Sami Salmenkivi