Clown sand wrasse [Coris aygula]

Clown sand wrasse or Clown coris or just Clown wrasse can grow to 120 cm in length. There is a marked difference in appearance between juveniles and adults; juveniles are white and orange with false eyes on the dorsal fin, while adults are uniformly dark green or with light banding and developing a prominent forehead.


Associated with coral reefs, usually on the seaward side from 2m to 30m depth. They are generally solitary as adults. Distribution Western Pacific Ocean including Red Sea, and Indian Ocean, as far north as Southern Japan.

Picture: Tiran and Ras Mohammed, Red Sea, Egypt by Sami Salmenkivi


Klunzinger’s Wrasse [Thalassoma klunzingeri]


Variety of different aged juveniles

Wikipedia has no article on this Wrasse, even though its one of the most common reef fish in the Red Sea.

Picture: Ras Nasrani, Red Sea, Egypt by Sami Salmenkivi